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Child Custody

Shield your children from the trauma of prolonged custody battles..

Arizona Child Custody Lawyers

We are often asked, "what is the difference between Child Custody and Visitation?

Custody arrangements can prove to be one of the most emotionally difficult and contentious obstacles to achieving a resolution. In a divorce, two separate types of custody must be determined:

  • Physical custody refers to which parent the child actually lives with and when
  • Legal custody refers to which parent (or both) retains the right and responsibility to make educational, medical, and religious decisions regarding the child's upbringing.

Although sole custody may be granted when it is in the best interest of the child, custody decisions usually start out in favor of some form of joint custody (where there is no history of domestic violence). In these cases, a visitation plan will outline how the parents will share custody.

We assist clients with both simple and complex custody and visitation matters, including move-away cases, where one parents wants to relocate outside of Arizona.

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